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March Madness Watch Party Grilling Recipes

March Madness Watch Party Grilling Recipes

The month of March means serious basketball, but it also means serious eats. Looking to step up your grilling game this season? That’s where we come in.

From small eats to big tastes, expand your grilling options this tournament season with these winning recipe recommendations! Trust us, everyone at your watch party will thank you!


Mini Cheeseburgers with Chipotle Mayo (Credit: Kraft Foods)

Mini Cheeseburgers with Chipotle Mayo This easy-to-please recipe is perfect for watch parties. A creamy mayo is lathered atop a delicious small patty with cheese, completing a satisfying slider that is sure to satisfy the taste buds of attendees!


Mini Merry Meatballs (Credit:

Mini Merry Meatballs A watch party must, the mini merry meatballs are an automatic win. A fantastic snack, the meatballs are a mouthwatering beefy snack that might not be around by halftime! The cranberry barbeque sauce does not disappoint. This recipe is good for 24 servings, so if you’re expecting a bigger crowd, it’s a party pleaser.


Grilled Salsa-Cheese Dip

Grilled Salsa-Cheese Dip What’s a party without the chips and dip? In this case, a grilled salsa-cheese dip. Ditch the store-bought dip and commit to this recipe that only calls for cheese – jack, gouda or edam – salsa, and milk. Be sure to have a bag of chips on hand and you’re looking at an all-star in the making with this appetizer.


Baja Buffalo Chicken Wings

Baja Buffalo Chicken Wings This snack is limited to adults. You’ll see why here soon. These wings get their name from a key ingredient – tequila. Yes, tequila. Prior to cooking the wings, they’re to be dropped in a large resalable plastic bag. Then, add lime juice, tequila, chipotle peppers, garlic salt and red pepper. After turning the bag over multiple times, toss the wings on the grill while occasionally brushing them with barbeque sauce. Enjoy the kick!


Grilled White Chicken Pizza (Credit: Kraft Foods)

Grilled White Chicken Pizza Expand your horizons by grilling your pizza this season. The grilled white chicken pizza is the perfect crash course. Using Kraft’s Zesty Italian Dressing, this tasty recipe calls for a thin baked pizza crust, two small boneless skinless chicken breasts, a number of cheeses and other ingredients to create an irresistible pizza. You’ll want to break out this recipe on numerous occasions!


Dessert Quesadillas (Credit: Steven Raichlen)

Dessert Quesadillas (Credit: Steven Raichlen) How about a unique dessert? Check this one out – dessert quesadillas. Enjoy dulce de leche or apricot jam, sliced ripe bananas, crumbled feta or goat cheese, cinnamon, sugar and better, all in between 8-inch flour tortillas. Truly, a special treat!


These are only a handful of our assortment of recipes. Check out the rest on our website!

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