Keep the Five Alive on 5/5

Blue Rhino has partnered with The International Rhino Foundation to raise awareness about the importance of protecting rhinos and their habitats - and to Keep the Five Alive! We’re celebrating the FIVE rhino species on the FIFTH day of the FIFTH month. Please join us on May 5th to learn more about how you can help black, white, greater one-horned, Javan and Sumatran rhinos.

Here are five ways you can help! Donate, Party with a purpose using the great recipes below, host your own fundraiser, leave a legacy, or share 5 facts.
International Rhino Foundation T-Shirt
International Rhino Foundation T-Shirt

Keep the Five Alive T-Shirt!

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International Rhino Foundation Rebate
International Rhino Foundation Rebate

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About The International Rhino Foundation

There is no roadmap for ensuring the survival of rhino species, and there is more work than we can ever accomplish in our lifetime. However, working together with our partners, we can achieve our goals. We applaud everyone’s commitment to ensuring that all five rhino species survive for future generations. IRF takes the approach of maximizing options and minimizing regrets, tackling the challenges facing rhinos using multi-faceted strategies. For all five rhino species, the highest priorities are also the most basic: bolstering anti-poaching activities or “boots on the ground,” maintaining intensive monitoring and active management of wild populations, and working with local communities.

Terms & Conditions

Blue Rhino is a proud sponsor of the International Rhino Foundation’s “Save 5 Species on 5/5” event and “Go Wild for Rhinos” peer to peer fundraising program. Between May 1, 2023, and May 7, 2023, donate to the International Rhino Foundation at and Blue Rhino will match all donations, dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $25,000. Help support the five remaining rhino species!

  • Blue Rhino’s match donation will only be applied to the amount of the first donation, per donor.
  • Blue Rhino reserves the right to make final decisions on all matters concerning the allocation of the Matching Fund.

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